Hello! I’m your host, brumeier. It’s my birthday next month, and I decided to treat myself to one of my favorite fic things: an AU! How do I define an AU? For me, it means taking canon characters and making a significant change in their circumstances. This can happen within the confines of canon (canon divergent) or the characters can be dropped into completely different worlds.

Basically, an AU is a fun way for me to see how I can keep canon characters familiar in wholly new surroundings or circumstances. As simple as ‘what if character A had done this instead of character B’ or as complex as ‘character A is now a barbarian with mystic powers’. And everything in between!

Starting April 1st, my lovely co-mod taste_is_sweet and I will be posting a monthly AU challenge here. We’re keeping it nice and simple, so here’s everything you need to know:

We’re multifandom! This challenge welcomes all fandoms, including RPF. All ships, romantic or platonic. I only ask that everyone remains respectful. There’s room for all of us here.

No minimum wordcounts! You can write as little or as much as you want to meet the challenge topic. In fact, you don’t have to write at all. Challenge fills can be fanvids or fanart or whatever outlet your creativity feels like using.

Prompts welcome! We will offer up some suggestions for each month’s theme, and encourage anyone else who wants to do the same. If you have a cool idea for how a particular theme could play out please respond in the comments.

No deadlines! Each month a new theme will be posted, but if you start working on something that takes on epic proportions, you can post it any time.

Must be a joiner! Only members of this community will be able to see posts and leave comments. We want this to be a safe place for ideas to be shared. We will also be cross-posting to DW and Tumblr to maximize participation.

That’s pretty much it, folks. I hope you’ll be inspired by each month’s theme. I’ll be trying to write something for each one as well because, as I mentioned, I love AUs!

You can post your completed works anywhere, as long as you link it back here. I will compile masterlists for each AU theme. And we can all revel in the loveliness of AUs!

Update: If you're looking for a beta reader or want to offer your services, please see this post.

Challenge #1: Masterlist

Challenge #2: Masterlist

Challenge #3: Masterlist
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Can't We All Just Get Along?

It’s not unusual, when an apocalypse is portrayed, for warring factions to spring up amongst the survivors. Take The Walking Dead for example. As if battling zombie hordes isn’t bad enough, the survivors are also battling each other. There’s always a disagreement about who gets to be in charge of the world once all the old leadership is gone.

That’s why I like Independence Day. The focus here is survivors helping other survivors. Making the mortally wounded as comfortable as possible. Collecting up people regardless of the resources readily at hand to take care of them. Putting aside old differences to battle a common foe.

I didn’t see the sequel, which seemed unnecessary to me. So my hope for the future is that the human survivors, once the aliens have been vanquished, continue to treat each other as equal partners in their continued survival. I like to believe that we’d be able to set aside those old differences, those old rivalries and hurts.

How about it, fellow apoca-fans? What do you think would happen to the remnants of society during and/or after the apocalypse? Which type of apocalypse do you think would most bring people together?

Need some inspiration?

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4: Apocalypse - Captain Planet - Wheeler/Linka - In the End

Title: In the End
Author: Kat Lee (Can I get an author tag, please and thank you?)
Fandom: Captain Planet and the Planeteers
Character/Pairing: Wheeler/Linka, hinted Captain/Gaia, Ensemble
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: whatif_au 4: Apocalypse
Warning(s): Future Fic, [Spoiler (click to open)]Implied Character Deaths
Word Count: 1,586
Date Written: 14 July 2017
Summary: It's the end of the world when the Planeteers join together one last time.Collapse )


Apoca-fics. You’ve read them. You’ve really loved some of them. Now’s the time to share the love with some apocalypse fic recs! I’ll start.

I’ve written two end-of-the-world things. They are:

Shambles (H50, McDanno). My zombie apocalypse fic. Danny was in New Jersey and Steve was in Hawaii when the zombie-making virus busted out and started wreaking havoc. This story is about Danny’s journey to get back to Steve and Grace, and Steve’s attempt to hold it together on the home front.

Not the Last Man (SGA/SG1/MCU, McShep, Stucky). This is a series, the next installment of which I’m attempting to work on for this month’s challenge. Another virus fic, only this one has killed everyone on Earth. Well…almost everyone. This series is about the human connections that help keep us sane, whether it’s a voice on the radio or someone to watch your back while you’re out scavenging.

I would also recommend:

Sing A Sad Song (Just To Turn It Around) by nagi_schwarz. This is the Glee/Stargate zombie apocalypse crossover fic you never knew you needed. ::grins:: The survival skills here are real, people. The fic isn’t yet finished, but Nagi is still updating and you can trust her to bring this to a satisfactory conclusion because she’s awesome that way.

The Lonely Sea by tarlan. This is an SGA fusion with Waterworld, which means an environmental apocalypse. (And yes, despite what everyone says, I do love that movie.) It’s a first-meeting scenario for John and Rodney as they fight for survival against the elements and pirates, and Rodney tries to remember where he came from.

The Hard Prayer by Rheanna. Another SGA end-of-the-world fic, and it’s not glamorous. The world as we know it has been felled by disease and John and Rodney meet up a year after it’s all ended. They both have serious issues and, even without other people, the world is still a dangerous place. This is heart-breaking and lovely and has a wonderful resolution.

Challenge #3: Master List

Thank you so much to everyone who created something for the Soulmates challenge! This list will be updated if more fics come in, so it's never too late to participate. ::grins::

FIC: Lunch at the Crossroads, by brumeier (Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural)

FIC: A Soul Mark Obliterated, by thesmallhobbit (Spooks - MI5)

FIC: Soulmates Gone Viral, by brumeier (Stargate Atlantis)

FIC: Team Bonding, by nagi_schwarz (Stargate Atlantis)

FIC: Marked Wrong, by katleept (Saved By the Bell)

This is How We Survive

As we kick off Apocalypse month, I want to talk about three of my favorite apocalyptic books (from back when I read novels and not fanfic to the exclusion of all things). What I like about a good apocalypse is seeing both the immediate and long-term affects it has on the population.

The Stand, by Stephen King. This is an epic tome, to be sure. And admittedly I’m more familiar with the miniseries. In this apocalypse, a virus escapes a lab and wipes out a significant chunk of the population. That would be compelling enough, but the survivors find themselves drawn into two camps – that of Randall Flag, who represents the dark side, and Mother Abagail, who represents all things good. In addition to the cool supernatural elements, I really liked seeing how society went on, how the survivors found ways to form a new society from the ashes of the old one.

Swan Song, by Robert R. McCammon. There’s some similarity between this novel and King’s, only the end of the world comes via nuclear war. The landscape here is more toxic, but there are also supernatural elements. Particularly surrounding the title character, Swan. There’s an interesting take on human evolution that happens throughout the book, and as always it’s interesting to see how the survivors align themselves.

Life As We Knew It, by Susan Beth Pfeffer. I really love the concept here, which is an environmental apocalypse. When an asteroid hits the moon, it knocks it into a closer Earth orbit. Earthquakes, tsunamis, and general chaos ensue. Volcanoes erupt, which causes drops in temperature and food shortages. All of this is told through the single POV of a sixteen-year-old girl, which makes the events that much more immediate.

How about it, AU-ers? Read any good apocalypses?
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Challenge #4: It’s the End of the World

The second most popular theme that members voted on in May is also one of the scariest. The Apocalypse AU!

Image from BSNSCB.com

Who doesn’t love a good apocalypse? I know I do! And there are lots of ways you can go to bring about the end of the world as we know it. For instance:

• Environmental apocalypse
• Zombie apocalypse
• Nuclear apocalypse
• Plague apocalypse
• Alien invasion apocalypse

For me, the real story of an apocalypse is what happens to the characters during or after the big catastrophe. What is their struggle? How do they survive? How does society change?

It’s the end of the world, friends, and I feel fine! ::grins:: So let’s see all the ways you can destroy the world and remake it in your own image!

If you want to leave a prompt or other inspiration, please do so in the comments.

You’ve got a month till the next prompt goes up so have fun writing!

Please Note: If you post your work to AO3 please be sure to select the What If AU Challenge community.

#3: Soul Mates - Saved by the Bell - Slater/Jessi, Zack/Jessi - Marked Wrong

Title: Marked Wrong
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Saved by the Bell
Character/Pairing: Slater/Jessi, Zack/Jessi, hinted Zack/Kelly
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words June Bingo Challenge: Free Space: Soul Mates and whatif_au 3: Soul Mates
Warning(s): AU
Word Count: 1,546
Date Written: 27 June 2017
Summary: He's not going to affect her future, the mark be damned!Collapse )