What If? AU Challenge

a monthly, multifandom writing challenge

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A multifandom, monthly AU writing challenge open to anyone.
Every month here at What If? a challenge will be issued in the form of a particular type of AU. Members are free to meet that challenge with fic, art, vids, etc. There are no word limits, no time limits, just people having fun rocking AUs!

NO minimum wordcount.

NO deadlines.

YES, we are multifandom. Any fandom, any crossover, any fusion...anything!

YES, you can post the links to your fic directly to the comm. DON'T do it in the comments, we don't want it getting lost!

YES, each theme is open to your interpretation.

YES, we do have an AO3 collection. Please link your fic to it!

If you have any questions, the moderators are brumeier and taste_is_sweet.

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